About us

CIT2 Radio was founded on 17-10-2014, before it was CIT2 Radio it was called PAT radio. This radio was based on a group where I (Geert) was in. I always have enjoyed listening to music, I have been a DJ since I was 10 years old. After PAT got deleted I decided to not delete the radio but to change the name to CIT2 Radio, which was one of my best choices I ever made. The radio was just a 24/7 non-stop radio, after a while Norman asked me to add a DJ Team which I decided to do, but to lead a radio & a team at the same time was impossible so we added some leaders. Most of the leaders are still leader on this radio which makes the radio for me more important, our leader team is like a small family.

After some weeks I created my first site for cit2radio.net, it was just a public site and DJ could login if a leader created an account for him. After a while I created a new site, which had 3 sites, one for public, one for the DJs & one for the leaders. We were using this site for some weeks and after that I already decided again to create a new site which was better and more useful. While building the site our DJ team kept growing, we even had 40 DJs at the same time.

Now we are here, a new public site which was seriously needed. The old public site was too old and could not stay any longer. The new site its designs looks better and people can find everything easier. Also I was able to add more pages and to improve the code behind it.

Donate us!

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