Welcome to our new youtube converter. With this new youtube converter you don't need an account anymore to convert songs. All songs that you convert will be saved on our database no matter if you are logged in or not. Beside this we also made an improvement to our converter itself. From now on you're able to convert up to 10 songs each time! The songs will be converted on the background so once you submit your convert it will be directly visible and after 30 seconds the songs will work!

As this converter is new and we even tested it many times (over 200 times)... Please report any bug or exploit you find! So we can fix it and improve CIT2 Radio more!

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Converted songs


Artist Title Link / Listen Play
t1تحت السدره و انا ادور دوا عيونيLink / Listen
tتحت السدره و انا ادور دوا عيونيLink / Listen
مروه سالمتحت السدره و انا ادور دوا عيونيLink / Listen
SheckMo BambaLink / Listen
Kid InkTomahawkLink / Listen
TygaFloss in The BankLink / Listen
NOAHGOOSELink / Listen
NOAH200km/hLink / Listen
BATU ft. King NateFüll mein GlasLink / Listen
MeroBaller losLink / Listen
CapitalBenzemaLink / Listen
LucianoHayateLink / Listen
Martin GarrixAnimalsLink / Listen
EmrePobreLink / Listen
katypart of meLink / Listen
justinbeauty and a beatLink / Listen
elliesomething in the way you moveLink / Listen
ellielove me like you do no voiceLink / Listen
ellielove me like you doLink / Listen
ellieburnLink / Listen
ellielightLink / Listen
elliebeating heartLink / Listen
BTSidol ft. nickiLink / Listen
arinanside to sideLink / Listen
Neşet ErtaşYalan dünyaLink / Listen
VandeboKOLink / Listen
Agnes ObelThe CurseLink / Listen
bebeTu SilencioLink / Listen


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